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- Is there an age limit? Am I too young/old to start learning solo singing?
In the local schooling system there is an age limit for entering a music school. This limit is based upon the school curriculum that is designed with respect to the regular school curriculum (in primary and secondary schools). To enter a music school and learn singing a child must be at least 15 years old. In Vox Populi Studio you can learn solo singing regardless of your age because our lessons are individually designed both for young children and for adults.

- What are the benefits of learning solo singing?
Those who engage themselves in singing or are already singers often risk having their voice exhausted during long singing and/or inappropriate use of their vocal apparatus. This tiredness of vocal cords can have harmful effects on their voice and even cause serious and painful damages that leave permanent scars (polyps, warts, sore cords…)
Vocal technique improves your overall health and health of your voice. By learning how to sing you will be able to learn different breathing techniques, voice impostation, tone production techniques, clear intonation… By knowing these skills you avoid damaging your voice during performing, your voice becomes rich in tone, you gain confidence because you are able to fully control it, your voice becomes powerful and in time singing becomes easier than talking.

- Am I talented enough to start learning solo singing?
Music talent is individual to a person. A person with music talent can easily distinguish between different tone levels, changes in rhythm and timing and can correctly reproduce music heard. If you can feel music, if you have the urge to produce music, then you surely have the necessary talent for singing. Our teachers will test your talent and tell you whether you satisfy basic requirements for becoming a student of Vox Populi Studio.

- How much time is needed to master singing techniques?
Your progress in mastering singing techniques is individual. It depends on how often you take lessons, how quickly you adopt the curriculum and how much of your time you dedicate to practice and training of your voice. Most of the students manage to learn the basic techniques within one year time and then move on to more elaborate techniques of voice control and interpretation.

- What will happen to my singing if I am forced to make a pause in my training due to some personal or professional obligations?
Continuous work is a key to successful singing. If you make frequent pauses in your training you may risk losing some of singing capabilities that you have just developed. Singing is like a sport activity – it requires constant training. But there is no need to worry. In case you cannot manage to have frequent lessons we will make a time table that will fit your needs and assure that you receive regular training and eventually achieve constant progress in your learning.   

- Do I need to have some previous music training to be able to learn solo singing?
Previous music training is not necessary for solo singing. In your initial lessons you will be shown the principles of music theory and solfeggio. While singing you will be accompanied by a piano and soon you will learn music notation. Those who have previous music training will have an easier start but will also have to revise the basics in order to obtain regular singing training.

- How can I apply for the audition?
If you want to take part in the audition please send us an e-mail with your full name, date of birth, telephone number and information on previous training in music if any, to our
e-mail address: info@studiovoxpopuli.com or call us at (+ 381) 65 45 53 475.